"ARROYO NUEVO" FLAMENCO DANCE SCHOOL was founded in 1992 by Stavros Litinas and his teacher, Carlos. Soon, it becomes a meeting point for great international flamenco artists. Many dancers and teachers studied at Arroyo, and now they are part of the flamenco scene in Athens.



Space and environment in general is an element of great importance in flamenco (ambiente). Up to now, Stavros Litinas, as an architect, has designed three different spaces to host Arroyo’s activities. The first space was created in Kypseli, on Tinou street. It was a two-floor neoclassical building that was restored in order to be transformed in the first exclusively flamenco school in Athens. Two years later, this place proved to be insufficient for the variety of Arroyo’s activities. In order to provide for all functional needs, a modern building was designed from scratch in N. Filothei, on Karpenissioti str. and hosted the activities of the school for seven years. In 2001, it was decided that the school should move to the “flamenco” area of Athens, Kerameikos. The ethnic character of the area, the lively neighborhood spirit that changes through the day and the city sounds that blend with children’s’ playful voices create a dynamic that fits perfectly with the flamenco aire. This constant change of location brings to mind the free spirit of gypsies. The Kerameikos School is accurately depicted in Athinorama, (issue 130):

“The most beautiful school in Athens today – and I mean that – is due to the fact that Stavros Litinas combines the flamenco dancer and the architect. The school was originally located in Polygono, but lately Kerameikos has become an artistic magnet. Thus, an abandoned car-repair shop on Megalou Alexandrou str. was transformed into a two floor flamenco studio, with industrial materials, resembling a modern loft, spacious and clean, with classrooms constructed ideally for flamenco dance and seminars, along with a room for video projections and a tasteful office for briefing and discussing.

Visit Arroyo Nuevo in Kerameikos and you will feel that flamenco has found in Athens the place it merits”.

M. Voulgari



Arroyo’s organizational structure and curriculum follow the example of Spanish flamenco schools. Artistically, in terms of style and modern flamenco trends, Arroyo Nuevo upkeeps with the Spanish flamenco scene. The curriculum is organized in levels and it is appropriately adjusted to the needs of the students, whether they are amateurs or professional dancers. Every level provides classes of choreography and technique. Choreography classes provide the students with the necessary education on flamenco rhythms and the understanding of the particularities and idiosyncrasies of each rhythm as far as style and musical structure is concerned. Technique classes focus on body control and flamenco dance technique, in order to achieve accuracy, fluency and freedom of expression in movement. Classes are accompanied by live music. The flamenco singer, Jose Parrondo, every two months, in order to provide the students with the opportunity to live in the classroom the “flamenco ritual”. At the end of each year, students participate in a show performed at a theatre, accompanied by musicians and singers, which allows the students to boost their confidence and to understand the complexities of performing through the stage experience. Arroyo’s curriculum also includes seminars with great flamenco dancers, teachers and choreographers from Spain on a yearly basis. Through these seminars, students update their style with modern flamenco dance trends. By following this curriculum, students can easily attend classes in Spain, joining the PROFESSIONAL class level.



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